Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.

Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.
Canticle of the Sun with St. Francis in Contemplation

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today I'm working on a new drawing for the revision of the Felician Constitution. I came up with a drawing for the formation section.
I'm reading a book for research on my sabbatical images. It's called The Image of St. Francis, Responses to Sainthood in the Thirteenth Century by Rosalind B. Brooke. It is a Cambridge University Press publication, 2006. I was able to get this book, thankfully, through the Felician College Library, Paul Glassman. It covers the images of St. Francis, mainly in the Basilica in Assisi, an academic work that is, at this time, in my opinion, one of the best writings on this material to date. It shows work of Cimabue and Giotto. I'll be sharing highlights of these readings in this blog.
I'm also using a book on the study of the San Damiano Cross symbolic imagery through a book called The Icon of Christ of San Damiano by Marc Picard OFM Cap. He is a Canadian Capuchin and helps us to read this icon in a simple and spiritual way.

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