Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.

Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.
Canticle of the Sun with St. Francis in Contemplation

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here are the three window that are being installed in the bottom section of the window area of Niagara University.  The two on top are already leaded and the one on the bottom is being leaded right now by Images in Glass, Glen Albig. The one on the top left is on the very bottom and contains the nameplate! The one on the bottom right is an example of the process beginning with the drawing.  They will be one on top of the other and will make up 9 feet in glass.  They'll be installed by Oct. 9.  Nine more windows to go!


Laura Goff Parham said...

The Stained Glass Association of America will be having the Summer 2011 Conference in Syracuse NY. You might enjoy coming to the conference.

Laura Goff Parham
State of the Art Inc Stained Glass

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laura,
I am considering this and have looked at the site. I belong to the American Glass Guild and attended the conference in Detroit last July.