Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.

Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.
Canticle of the Sun with St. Francis in Contemplation

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Color designs for Our Lady of Hope Chapel in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
The windows actually go straight across in one row.


ster j said...

Oooh...Brother Sun, Sisters Moon. Gorgeous!

Ann Therese Kelly said...

Hi Joyce,
Glad you like it. It was well received in Beaver Falls with new symbolic commentary by Sister Danat on the waning of the moon, the wise woman!

smauguste said...

These are so rich and beautiful in presentation and composition. They lift the spirit and soul and you soar to lose yourself in the magnitude that is God! I am so proud of you and how you use your talent to lift us to God and witness to His glory!
God Bless! SM Auguste Biache

Sister Kelly said...

Thank you August.
It was a delight to design them.
The Canticle of the Sun is my life long thread of focus in my work, for the past 20 years.
I installed a suite of Canticle windows temporarily in Beaver Falls until these windows are complete. I may post these here.

Kristina Lynn said...

These are so very beautiful... as always!

Sister Kelly said...

Dear Kristina,
You still have the same signature! I believe I still have one of your paintings!
I came across this blog by clicking on your name in my blog site.
Keep up the good work!