Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.

Skylight maquette for the 10 foot window.
Canticle of the Sun with St. Francis in Contemplation

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Lady of Hope Provincialate Chapel
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Installed in 2012

Sister Ann Therese Kelly designed and created this wonderful set of stained glass windows that reach about 40 feet across and 5 feet tall.  It represents St. Francis of Assisi's "Canticle of the Sun", a poem about God's creation.  Sun, moon, stars, wind, water, fire, mother earth.

On the two wings are four saints that represent the Felician congregation:  St. Francis of Assisi, St. Felix of Cantalice on the left, and St. Clare of Assisi, Mary Angela Truszkowska on the right. The saints are all facing into creation, blessing the work of our maker, gathering the energy of the cosmos.


Feruccio Lamborghini said...

I love working with stained glass because of the finish it gives. I got into blowing glass in the past few months. It takes a lot of effort but once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun.

Stormie said...

Hello Sister,
Gorgeous amazing work! Do you have any pieces to sell?

I am looking for a couple unique gifts to recognize 2 of my outgoing committee members for their many years of service.
Thanks, Eileen

Windows & Doors said...

Absolutely stunning! Love it.
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